Knowledge gained and shared by involvement and volunteerism with various local boards and groups helps set the stage for successful projects that strengthen our communities. Architects bring a unique skill set to many challenges; being able to focus on the details while keeping the overall goal in mind. We actively share this skill and encourage others to share in their communities as well. Architecture 118 employees regularly volunteer at local schools, churches, and non-profit organizations. A few of the organizations Architecture 118 and its employees support through volunteerism are:

Gallatin Ahead

Gallatin Ahead is a local group of community resource professionals, including engineers, builders, architects and other community development and natural resource professionals, working together to ensure that future generations can enjoy the Gallatin Valley’s natural beauty and abundant resources just as we do now.

Gallatin Ahead brings together community stakeholders to share their knowledge and expertise to solve local challenges and provides sound information to inform growth and sustainability debates and decision-making. Through its work, GA will foster informed, civil public dialogue to find solutions to the most pressing issues relating to growth and change in the Gallatin Valley.

N. 7th Ave. Urban Renewal District

In November 2006, the City of Bozeman designated a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District, under which incremental increases in taxes due to redevelopment are accumulated in a TIF fund.  The expenditure of this fund is guided by the N. 7th Avenue Design and Connectivity Plan (District Plan) and the Blight Report adopted by the Bozeman City Commission in 2005.  This Plan is the city’s response to remedy the conditions of blight found in the August 2005 Blight Report through thoughtful redevelopment of the Corridor.  A basic goal is to have an active and exciting corridor that is attractive with a distinct character.  A strategy for achieving this goal is to improve the experience for the user by creating safe attractive walkways, streets and by providing buildings and landscaping that are of interest to users and passersby.