Architecture 118 provides practical, functional solutions that pursue a timeless aesthetic.  Through doing so, our built environment can serve us for many generations and diminish the potential for demolition and waste.  We deliver creative solutions while showing proper restraint.  Architecture 118 will always represent the Client first.  Throughout each project, effective listening and communication will result in respectful stewardship of resources and greater Client satisfaction.  This is simply the right way to do business.


The strongest solutions arise out of a collaborative effort that includes the building users, the design team, and the construction team.  By establishing collective ownership and understanding shared goals, the team can work harmoniously towards an answer.  We challenge ourselves to solve the issue while being diligent with every dollar spent.  Architecture 118's services include the ability to visually represent the project to stakeholders through 3-dimensional modeling.  The extent of modeling used for each project is unique and based on the value it will provide to the client and the project.

Interior Design